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8 Tips to Keep Kids Learning Over Break

8 Tips to Keep Kids Learning Over Break

Keeping Skills Sharp 

student at desk

Winter break is an opportunity to have a well-deserved break from school and work. But it doesn’t have to be a break from learning. Learning at home can be fun and easyand a good change of pace from the classroom. Here are eight simple ideas you can do together or encourage your child to do over break.

Keep a Notebook

Write down everything you do and see over winter break. Make a list or tell it like a story. Spruce up your notebook by drawing pictures. Share your writing with someone else, get feedback and make revisions. 

Read Every Day

Read for at least 20 minutes daily to keep your reading skills sharp. Highline digital tools provide lots of options. Explore Sora for digital books. Use World Book Online for diverse reading materials. Check out Gale for articles and resources. Read to family, pets, or even a stuffed animal! Access these digital tools through ClassLink.

Stay Active

Go outside and play! Visit a local park, go for a walk, play soccer with friends or make up your own game. 

Organize Game Night 

Set aside one night over winter break for a family game night. Scrabble helps boost spelling and vocabulary. Chess supports problem-solving skills. What games do you like to play at home? 

Do a Good Deed

Help a neighbor, friend or family member. Volunteer with a local organization or complete a service-learning project. 

Be a Meteorologist

Track the weather over the winter break by taking notes and drawing pictures. Research weather terms and patterns. Figure out why it rains some days and snows on others.

Learn How to Code

Become our world’s next great technology leader! Learn how to code or practice your coding skills for free by visiting

Make Goals for the New Year

The new year is a time for reflection on the year coming to an end and setting goals for the year ahead. Brainstorm and write down goals for the year. What do you hope to learn in the coming year? What do you want to accomplish? Make a plan to reach those goals.

Keep us posted on your winter break plans. Share what you’re learning using the hashtag #HighlineWinterBreak on social media.