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White Center Heights Elementary School
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Message From Your Co-Principals

Message From Your Co-Principals

Dear White Center Heights Families,

You may have heard that two teachers from our school were to be moved to other schools. This is because our enrollment is lower than expected, and enrollment at another school was higher than expected. 

We have some unique needs here at White Center Heights due to our dual language program. No other school in the district has three language tracks. Based on our program model, we will be able to keep one of the two teachers who were slated to move. One teacher will still need to go to a school that needs another teacher. 

I want to help you understand why this is happening. Every year, district staff must estimate how many students each school will have. The number of students who actually enroll in each school is not always exactly in line with the estimate. If a school has too few students and another school has too many, a teacher may be moved to the school that needs a teacher. If the teacher is not moved, the district has to hire a teacher that it did not budget for and the state does not fund.

We will reach out to you directly if you are impacted by this change.

If you have questions, please contact one of us by email at or or by phone at 206.631.5200.

Marcello Sgambelluri & Maria Osses-Watson