White Center Heights Elementary School
10015 6th Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98146



WCH Homework

The research shows that sending home packets of homework is not effective for elementary students. For many students and families it negatively impacts student-teacher relationships negatively. Homework at WCH will comprise:

  1. A daily routine that is outlined on the grade level Homework fridge magnet documents that the parent monitors. See the Homework Fridge Magnets on the main page of the website.
  2. School work that is not completed during classroom time will be sent home for completion.
  3. Blended learning programs that can be completed at home on computers or phones using the school “student links” on the school website. These programs include ST Math and Think Through Math and MyOn and Lexia for reading.
  4. Parent Teacher Teams ensure families know the three goals for their child, learn how to test their child, and learn strategies to teach their child. Information and materials will be shared at the Open House and parent conferences. Please contact the classroom teacher for more information.