White Center Heights Elementary School
10015 6th Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98146

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

White Center Heights Elementary School
10015 6th Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98146

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Parent - Teacher Communication


WCH wants to have open and supporitve communication with families and the community. Please call us at any time.

Communication with the Principal or Assistant Principal

You can stop by or call to talk to the Principal or Assistant Principal at any time. Unfortunately they are not always free. The Principal and Assistant Principal must aim to spend half their time in classrooms with students and teachers. To ensure the Principal or Assistant Principal can listen to your ideas or concerns it is best to arrange a meeting in advance. You can do this by talking with the office manager at (206) 631-5200 and scheduling a time.

Phone Calls with Teachers

Teachers are available to talk with parents before school and after school. During school hours, when teachers are teaching, the office staff will take a message for your child’s teacher or connect you to their voice mail. If you want a teacher conference, please call and make an appointment. Our office staff can help connect you with the teacher to set that up. Call (206) 631-5200.

Meetings with Teachers

During teaching time teachers must teach. Teachers can meet a time convenient for parents outside of the teaching time. Parents are welcome to arrange meetings with teachers to talk about student and family needs. The meeting can be arranged through the office or with the teacher. All meetings should be at a time that is convenient for the teacher and the parent.

Classroom Observations by Parents

Parents may visit classrooms to observe. Parents who visit classrooms cannot talk to other students in the room and should avoid talking to their own child to ensure learning is not disrupted. Parents should prearrange this visit through the office or with the teacher. Parents cannot talk to teachers during the visit either during instruction time or during the teacher’s scheduled breaks. If the parent wants to talk with the teacher about what they observe they must make an appointment with teacher for an alternate time. Parents cannot video or audio record anything in the classroom or the school without prior approval from the principal and the classroom teacher. 

Communication to Parents

  • Newsletters – newsletters and notices for events are sent home with students every two weeks. Please check your child’s backpack for these important items from school.
  • Website - The School Website has information posted .
  • Phone Calls – the school will use automated phone calls on occasion. This means the school will call you with a message. Just listen to the message – you don’t need to call the school. If you want to volunteer at school or you have a concern, question or comment, please call the school at (206) 631-5200 and you will be directed to the right person.
  • Text Messages – the school will be using text messages to communicate with families so we can ensure families get up to date information. Make sure your cell phone number is up to date in the system.
  • Email – parents have stated they prefer to communicate via email. We will be working to increase our communication via email so please make sure you have your email in the system. Call the office – 206-631-5200.
  • Highline Mobile App – the Highline School District is using a free mobile app that will allow families to access information about the district and information specific to White Center Heights. The mobile app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


We have staff who speak Vietnamese, Spanish, Somali and Cambodian. You can call these staff members who can address your question in your language. They can also provide translation at meetings. Call the bilingual phone number and someone will call you back. The number is (206) 631-5231. Families who speak other languages should call the district office who can arrange for interpretation.

Parent - Teacher Conferences

Kindergarten conferences will be held in the first three days of school. Conferences are held for all students K-6 in November, in the days before the Thanksgiving weekend, so parents and teachers can talk about your child’s individual needs and progress. Parents will receive their child’s fall report card and a description of the state’s learning requirements for that grade level. The school schedule changes during conference time. There is no school and all families and students are expected to attend their conference. Additional conferences may be scheduled as needed througout the year and can be initiated by either parent or teacher.

Parent Involvement

The school wants all parents and guardians to be active in their child’s education and our school activities. Families who are involved in school activities at home and at school show their children that school and learning are important. Students are more successful. Parents are welcome to visit and volunteer in the classroom, go on field trips, help in the library, or the help in the school office. Please call the office for information. Parents are encouraged to join the school PTSA to become a member of the community and help with activities.