White Center Heights Elementary School
10015 6th Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98146


School & Student Safety

WCH gives students and staff safety its highest priority. In emergency situations the school wants to be well prepared to ensure the safety of all students and staff. For this reason we have very strict guidelines about access to the building and student release.

Emergency Contact Information

All parents/ guardians must complete or update the WCH Emergency Information Card each year for the school to have on file. This information is necessary for the safety and care of each student. As information changes (address, phone numbers, daycare), you must notify the school to update the information. Students will not be released to people who are not listed on the emergency contact information on the card. If you have someone else pick up your child who is not listed on the emergency card, you must contact the office with the person’s name or send a written note.

Permission Slips

If you want your child to go home with another child or adult who is not on the emergency card or you want your child to stay for an after school activity, you need to send a written note to school telling us that you give permission. If we do not have a signed permission slip, your child will be sent home by their usual way. Permission slips are required any time students leave the campus on a school sponsored event. Teachers will send these home in advance for you to sign and return to school. Students who do not have a signed permission slip will not be allowed to participate in the off-campus activity.

Fire, Earthquake, and Lockdown Drills

Unannounced emergency evacuation drills are held each month at the school as per state regulations. These include fire, lockdown, modified lockdown, and chemical spill drills. Practice drills make sure that students and staff will know and follow specific safety procedures in the event of a real emergency. If family members are in the building or on school grounds during a drill everyone must follow staff directions and school procedures.

Lockdowns & Modified Lockdowns

If there is an emergency in the neighborhood or on school grounds the school will be placed in lockdown for the safety of everyone inside. In a lockdown or a modified lockdown, access to the building is not possible. When these lockdowns are needed a letter will be sent home to families at the end of the day to explain. If family members are in the building or on school grounds during an emergency, everyone must follow staff directions and school procedures.

Access to the Building

The exterior doors of the building are kept locked at all times for student and staff safety. To enter the building parents have to come to the front doors, knock on the window, and office staff will press the door release to allow access. All parents and visitors must sign in and wear a visitor badge to be in the building and then sign out when you leave.

No Weapons or Drugs

The school grounds are weapons and drug free zones. It is against the law to have weapons or drugs on campus. Police will be called if necessary.